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Do You Prefer Laptop Or Desktop Computers? Which Is Better Overall?

211 replies to this topic

Poll: Laptop VS Desktop (128 member(s) have cast votes)

Laptop VS Desktop

  1. laptop (54 votes [42.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 42.19%

  2. desktop (74 votes [57.81%])

    Percentage of vote: 57.81%

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#81 bakr_2k5


    Member - Active Contributor

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  • 83 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:The Netherlands
  • Interests:Computing, Gaming, Programming and Websurfing :)

Posted 20 November 2006 - 02:28 PM

I myself prefer a Desktop Computer since it has overall better performance and costs much less money.
But it would also be nice if I would own a laptop since they're really handy when you're away from home.
My mom own a laptop (doesn't work properly any more since my sister spoiled some thee over it :))
and worked a few times on it. My experience with laptops are that they have much less performance over a
desktop computer. But it also kinda depends on what you do. Playing games on a laptop is possible but more the
quake or doom games and no really system demanding games. Which the modern desktop computers would run

When i have the money i would buy a laptop just for school or hanging out on the couch :D


#82 djboganofbeatz


    Newbie [ Level 2 ]

  • Members
  • 16 posts

Posted 05 December 2006 - 07:45 AM

i need a laptop for school and over the past year i have gotten so used to the flat laptop keyboard that the raised keys on a desktop keyboard becomes annoying after a while...
So i like the laptop alot better thana desktop ....although some laptops coming out now are just pretty damn pointless they are soo big with their inbuilt subwoofers i mean subwoofers on a laptop...why do you want one. I cant imagine a laptop user going into a cafe or something to do their work then listening to bangn choons through their laptop subwoofer.
Thats my spiel cheerio

#83 wutske


    Way Out Of Control - You need a life :)

  • [HOSTED]
  • 1,443 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Belgium
  • myCENTs:98.90

Posted 08 December 2006 - 07:08 AM

My opinion is somewhere in the middle of the 2 :P . I still prefer a normal, big computer, because it easily allows you to replace or upgrade parts (that won't cost you a fortune and are easy to get). Big computer can have big coolers, so it remains more or less silent when you're gaming. Ow, and even tough I stopped doing this 24/7, a big computer can be overclocked :P .

A laptop on the other side is mobile, you can use it everywhere and since I'm at High School now, I do realise that it's a lot more easy to get the papers from blackboard, put them on the laptop and take some notes on it (but paper overrules laptop when it comes to making drawings of something or writing mathematical stuff). Having a laptop means having your data and tools available, everywhere and you're not dependant on a computer (of wich we sometimes run out at school :P ). Downside are of course the cost and low performance (especialy graphics and hdd in the less expensive laptops) and getting 3+hours of battery life is only possible when you turn everything down. Ow yeah, I'm not to fancy about the keyboards either, those tiny, flat keys with hardly no respons ... don't like it and the weird lay-out and the lack of a numerice key-pad is a miss too.

Big computers:
+ cheap
+ upgradability
+ capability
- only available at home

+ mobile
+ handy
+ all your prefs and apps are available
- battery
- price and lower performance
- noise (when doing heavy stuff)
- keyboard and mouspad (you could connect a mouse to it, but that means carrying a mouse everywhere and those little laptop mice aren't exactly handy).

#84 Aequitas619


    Advanced Member

  • Members
  • 101 posts

Posted 08 December 2006 - 02:25 PM

I prefer desktops! Theres a few reasons why...

The screen is easier to see! With a laptop you need to sit right behind it to see properly. And have you ever tried to watch a movie on a laptop screen? I find it doesn't work well at all!

Also, a desktop is better to do work! Its easier to have a loose keyboard to type and generally the area around your desktop is covered by bits of paper with computer information on it! You can take all that with you and your laptop!

Its also nice to have a proper mouse, I suppose its easy to buy an extra mouse but once again its just more to carry with you and your laptop!

The main pro of having a laptop is being able to take it around but that can also mean lots of carrying! Also the battery life needs to be taken into account! You cant carry it around forever without charging it which can be a bother! Lastly, you cant really use a laptop outside, the sunlight glares on the screen too much so apart from your sofa in front of the tv, your bed and local coffee shop, where are you gonna take it?

I do see the advantages of a laptop but to me its just not really worth the extra money you have to pay! As always, these are just my opinions, SO DONT get offended! :P

#85 Kitsune Illusions

Kitsune Illusions

    Newbie [ Level 2 ]

  • Members
  • 17 posts

Posted 08 December 2006 - 11:12 PM

Well, if I was to choose between a laptop or a desktop computer, I really couldn't decide. If I had a laptop, I would only use it to go on the internet and for research. It would be a good thing to have if you were traveling. But for a desktop, I use it for my graphics and forums, and looking up stuff for school and researching. But other than that, I could not choose.

Both have very good qualities, and both would be great to have around.

#86 HellFire121


    Premium Member

  • [HOSTED]
  • 438 posts

Posted 08 December 2006 - 11:37 PM

I'd chose a desktop simply because they are cheaper and for the same price desktop that you can buy a laptop the desktop will always outperform the laptop.
Then there is speed. Usually most desktops have higher clock speeds and more space in the case for bigger components which would mean better performance in some cases.
The components are cheap for desktops so if it's time for an upgrade it might just be a few hundred dollars compared to a laptops upgrade.
Then there are other things that you could try on laptops but things like case modding with led fans and neon lights and stuff i doubt that laptops will have the space for that, it pretty much has all the components needed crammed in there anyway.
The only time i'd get a laptop is if i needed to do things on the move where as now i don't need to do that.

So i say desktop because: Price, Performance, Customizable and room for upgrades.


#87 t3jem


    Member [ Level 1 ]

  • Members
  • 48 posts

Posted 09 December 2006 - 12:01 AM

It does depend on what you are using your computer for. If your going to be gaming, but not moving around at all you should go with a desktop, you can upgrade it easier and cheaper. Laptops are best if you have to move around alot. I use my laptop because I go back and forth between two houses about 3 times a week. Laptops are more expensive with less bells and wistles on it. If I only lived in one house I would definitly go for a desktop though, that way I could play Call of Duty 2 :P

#88 ginginca


    Premium Member

  • Members
  • 250 posts
  • Location:The net (or at least that's what my family says)

Posted 10 December 2006 - 02:00 AM

Ask a child the same question.

If they're looking for a computer for Christmas ... often I have heard "just a little laptop computer would be fine".

They figure since they're smaller, they're cheaper!

I run a desktop, though in the past used to have a laptop. I don't think the mobility is worth the extra money.

#89 WeaponX


    Way Out Of Control - You need a life :)

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  • 1,086 posts
  • Location:New York
  • myCENTs:86.41

Posted 10 December 2006 - 11:07 PM

One more vote for laptop...

Was a desktop user for a very long time until I got my first laptop. Needed to get use to the new and smaller keyboard on the laptop. But after that adjustment, I just couldn't go back to my desktop anymore. Laptop was way more convenient for what I do and doesn't require much estate on my desk :P

#90 borlafu


    Member [ Level 2 ]

  • Members
  • 58 posts

Posted 10 December 2006 - 11:20 PM

If you want to play games (full graphics performance) or have a full time server (http, ftp...) or client (emule, bittorrent...) running I prefer a desktop computer.

If you just want it to work, you may need some mobility... I prefer a laptop :P

It's all on your needs: I have a laptop and a desktop computer, I need both of them :P

#91 unimatrix


    Premium Member

  • Members
  • 493 posts

Posted 11 December 2006 - 01:51 AM

I have both. Since I'm in video production, specifically post production, I need the Quadcore PowerMac with 8GB of Ram and 30" HD displays.

However I have a laptop too. (Currently a 1Ghz Titanium Powerbook G4 with 1GB of Ram). It's dated, but still runs FCP HD okay for general editing. Primarily I use this to design webpages, do business use, and check email now and some field production. A Macbook Pro will be in the works for next year, but I don't need any more write offs for this year. It's been a damn good laptop for the last 3 years.

Granted, I have a QuadCore Power Mac, Dual Core 2Ghz G5 powermac, Dual 1.25Ghz G4 Powermac, 4 1.25Ghz G4 Mac Mini's, 1 1.8Ghz G5 iMac (1.25BG Ram), 1 2.Ghz G5 iMac (2GB Ram, and my Powerbook. So I'm mostly desktops.

#92 xboxrulz


    Colonel Panic

  • Members
  • 3,057 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • myCENTs:59.15

Posted 11 December 2006 - 11:19 PM

seems like this topic earned itself a rank high enough to be pinned.



#93 Talenak


    Newbie [ Level 1 ]

  • Members
  • 7 posts
  • Location:Washington
  • Interests:Mental Health, Childs' rights, Mens' Rights, Affirmative action, Womens EQUALITY... The equality is pertinent... lol

Posted 12 December 2006 - 12:45 AM

I prefer the PC simply because I prefer more bang for my buck. I compared the cost of my mothers new XPS to a friend who got a laptop with lower specs, both systems from Dell, and he was horrified to discover my mothers computer has 4 times as much RAM, more harddisk space, and way faster processor than his, and her computer cost HALF what his laptop did. Not to mention her free LCD monitor upgrade is bigger than his laptop monitor.
I don't understand why people spend so much for mobility that MOST of them never really take advantage of.

#94 FoRsAkEn


    Member [ Level 1 ]

  • Members
  • 42 posts

Posted 07 January 2007 - 03:53 AM

Well, dektops and laptops are good for different things. Laptops have things desktops don't and vice versa. So people may have their different opinions.

Personally, i prefer using a desktop because they are easier to use and you can get really good LCD monitors with them. In a laptop, you're stuck with one screen, and if it breaks, the laptop is gone forever. Laptops are more practical for portable use, for people doing business and having to travel around alot. Im not that kind of person really, therefore i prefer desktops. Sure, desktops are more time-consuming to set up but i think its worth it. To top that up, you would usually have to buy a mouse for a laptop, unless you don't mind constantly using your fingers, which is annoying.

Overall, laptops are only better than desktops for travel use, and nothing else.

#95 turbopowerdmaxsteel


    Premium Member

  • [HOSTED]
  • 449 posts
  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Kolkata, India
  • Interests:Programming, Gaming, Cricket, Listening to Music and watching action cartoons.
  • myCENTs:30.99

Posted 29 January 2007 - 05:56 AM

With not much travelling on my itinerary and good ol' desktop PCs serving my purpose aptly, I would vote for them. Besides, you get systems which are more powerful and at a lower cost. Who cares 'bout bulkiness? ;)

#96 Guest_J.J._*

  • Guests

Posted 07 February 2007 - 04:08 AM

I have a laptop, and it's way cooler than a normal computer. You can move it around, and take it on long car trips and plane rides. Laptops are more mobile and, in general, look more modern. My laptop also has a lot of storage space. It's a kind of old version, but it can still hold all my Sims games and all my iTunes files (trust me, that requires a LOT of space.)

#97 TeamEFX


    Member [ Level 1 ]

  • Members
  • 33 posts

Posted 07 February 2007 - 07:07 AM

I like desktops better:

Here the reasons for desktops:
Interchangability of components
Technically, more performance (technically)

Not portable
TOO many wires
you need a desk
you need a chair

REasons for a laptop:
ITs one unit
You can use it on your "LAP"
Really efficient

Battery fails after a period of time
INterchangability of components
Lots of problems with laptops, from my experiencee
Some laptops should be consider PORTABLE DESKTOPS...
You can't really build a custom laptop...well not yet.

I could add more, but i think that's enough


#98 richie


    Member - Active Contributor

  • Members
  • 98 posts

Posted 07 February 2007 - 09:24 AM

I prefered laptops ,laptops have good advantages like it could be taken anywhere you want them to take and its so easy even to opertae in the bed or during traveeling hrs and helps to utilise your timr effectively and i like laptop for many reasons ,if you are at home you may also use a mouse on it if you want ,its battery life obviously needs to increase and thats what makes it a useful thing ,i prefer a laptop more than i ever prefer a desktop and mu first wisklist thing to buy is a laptop ,when i earn something from my newly started business

#99 kgd2006


    Premium Member

  • [HOSTED]
  • 318 posts

Posted 07 February 2007 - 11:53 PM

I believe that both systems have their different uses and target audience. For example, laptops are intended mainly for business people that needs computer access with them at all times so they would call for the portability of a laptop at their side. A computer is mainly targeted for all audiences but also for those hardcore people that would need to use it for things such as 3D design and the such that carries more power to it.

I personally prefer the use of a laptop just because I am using it right now because it conserves more energy than my PC. I usually use my PC when Im in need of certain power driven programs such as 3D modeling programs and the such. I also use it for games as well because my laptop can not run half the games out their currently right now.

One thing I hate about laptops is that overtime you laptop will tend to run into technical problems earlier than computer systems. Because Ive ran through a couple laptops and found that it tends to have the problem of overheating and dust build up. So I always find myself blowing the dust out to release some of the blocked holes to keep the cooling process my my laptop in tip top shape or else it would cause my laptop to over heat and shut down automatically which can be very annoying at times.

With a computer, if it has been built properly, never will overheat and is more reliable than a laptop. I guess becauase since a laptop is so small and the components are so compact that it makes it harder for it to cool itself. Unlike the laptop the computer has more space which results in better cooling factors.

#100 SilverFox


    Premium Member

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  • Gender:Male
  • Location:Texas

Posted 02 March 2007 - 05:53 AM

I prefer desktops for 3 reasons:

1. They are easier to repair, I absolutely hate working on laptops and sometimes refuse too.
2. Almost all hardware works with them, you can tinker with them like a car.
3. Desktops are muh cheaper and more for the money.

I've only had one laptop however, so I'm not really one to talk heh

Desktops are much cheaper and that's a huge advantage. Laptops have a whole host of problems that desktops don't (as often). Laptops are just to hard to repair...for me at least.

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