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A Guide To Use Dc++

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#1 lysvir


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Posted 22 September 2008 - 09:01 PM

DC++ is one of the most famous filesharing network in the world.
It uses the network "direct connect", were the users can connect directly to eachother. In contrast with Kazaa, were you only can search for files, DC++ offers you to browse all the files a user shares, just like you are browsing your own harddrive.
This gives you new opportunities, like; you can find something you want, even doh you dont know what to search for.

The network is divided into hubs, with a chatwindow and userlist.
The userlist indicates how much every person shares, often with a descr i ption about what kind a files the person shares.
Small hubs gives better control, and there are admins and V.I.P members that are hunting down false files or viruses on all users. Because of this, there are only a small amount of files that contains false information or viruses.

Here is a guide that might help you to get started, both for new and advanced computer users.

The first thing you need, it the DC++ client;

After you have installed this, you have to do this;
Open DC++ -> File -> Settings.
The most important this to do before using the program, is that all the settings are correct.
Follow this guide, and there should be no problems to start filesharing!


*Write your name/nick in "Nick"
Choose "Connection Type"
*This is very important, choose "Connection Settings".

To get full advantage of this program, you should be an active user. A passic user cant download files from other passive users, and this wil affect the filesearch.
For those who dont know how to open ports in the router, can stay as a passive user.

Active-User settings;
Connect to your router, and open a port, forexample 29.
*Make sure that firewalls gives DC++ full permission to do what it want.
*Click the "active user" box.
*Write your IP adress
*On TCP and UDP-port, write 29 (or whatever port you opned).

*Make 2 (two) folders on your computer. The one is a temp. folder for the files you download, and the other folder is for finished downloades
*Change their names to.. forexample "Download" and "Finished".
*Push the "browse" button, and find the folders so DC++ knowes were to put the files.

*Push the "Configure Public Hub List" button.
*Paste in the "http://www.hublist.o...ubList.xml.bz2", and push Add.


The easiest way, is to have a dedicated-media folder on your computer, were you put mp3s, videos, games etc. But you can also make virtual folders in DC.
Anyway, the important thing is that you have a folder structure so other users can easely browse your files.

*You can share soundfiles (mp3, wma etc), videofiles, images, installationfiles, and zip/rar files. If you share a folder, wich contains installed programfiles, you are in a high-risk zone of beeing kicked!
*Every file most be indexed before it can be shared, so you might not see the total number over how you share before this process is over. The process is running in the background.
*Set "uploades" to the same amount of hubs that you want to connect to. Every hub requires a "slot/t". It might be smart to just be connected to one hub and have one slot/t open. If you got alot of slots open, that might do that the uploadingspeed kills the downloadingspeed (at a norwegian adsl /broadband-company).

Its recommended that you do a few changes here;

*Remove the "Automaticly Follow Redirects" box-mark. This wil result in less confusing, and you might get in to the hub you want. Sometimes, a hub can be full, and then you wil have to try to connect alot of times. If "redirected" is on then, you wil be redirected to some other hub.

*Check the box-mark for "Automaticly search for alternative download locations". This is smart, because if a user that you download a file from, goes offline, DC++ wil automaticly find a new user to download the same file from!

*Remove the "Show progress bars" box-mark. This function is a bar that showes the progress of a file beeing downloaded, and it uses alot of CPU.

Now, you should be ready to start the filesharing :

*Push the button for "Hub List" and choose a hub. The hubs can be sorted into names, users, countries etc.
*If you are looking for non-rear files, its a advantage for you to visit a hub with alot of users! But if you are looking for rear and unique music, forexample for Germany, you might want to connect to a German music hub !
*When you are connected to a hub, you can start searching for whatever you want!
*One search goes trough all the users on the(those) hubs you are connected too.
*Its important to notice that you might get kicked or banned if you search too often, so always wait about 10 secound between every search!

Good luck!

This article is made by me, Lysvir
(You might find this article other places, but with a different user posting, for example DJRACK or Anarkien. This is because I'm a member of lots of forums, and I some times post my guides there).

Edited by yordan, 23 September 2008 - 09:42 AM.
Qutoed the text already published at http://www.mmowned.com/forums/general-chat/44693-guide-dc-filesharing-world.html

#2 yordan


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Posted 23 September 2008 - 09:40 AM

This article is made by me, Lysvir
(You might find this article other places, but with a different user posting, for example DJRACK or Anarkien. This is because I'm a member of lots of forums, and I some times post my guides there).

Sorry, but here we accept only original articles.
Astahost must be the first place where you post your tutorial.
If you are the author, you cannot post your tutorial a second time as being an original one.
You can only mention please read my paper at http://www.mmowned.c...ring-world.html
this paper has been published on mmowned.com at 09-08-2007, you cannot publish it again at astahost at 09-23-2008 saying it's a new topic. Even if have accounts on several forums you have to quote yourself when you post a text that has been already published somewhere else.

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