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Deleting A Corrupt File Cannot delete a corrupt file on Windows XP...

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#21 docduke


    Advanced Member

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Posted 19 March 2008 - 04:56 PM

Final notes on Windows cleanup of files with read errors. Most people do not have multiple bootable Windows partitions on their hard drive, so here are a few clues to do the work in the affected partition.

Previous folks here have said just delete the file. The details I am providing here are for the case in which you do not know which file is the problem. My backup program simply reports getting a read error somewhere in the partition and quits. These methods will work when you don't know the name or location of the offending file.

First, of course, is to use the Windows distribution CD, if you have it. It has a recovery mode, and that is almost certain to have chkdsk. Since the OS on the hard drive is not running when you boot from the CD, that should work.

Second, as many people have mentioned in this thread, go into "Safe Mode." There is a somewhat more powerful option, which I have just checked out. It is the "Recovery Console." If you want to be prepared for problems, you can install it into the Windows system on the hard disk. Then, when you boot up, you can be presented with the option of running either the normal system or the recovery console. In the recovery console, I have verified that you can run "chkdsk /r" on the partition with the running OS, so that is probably another way to deal with read errors.

But again, this is Microsoft software. When you boot up in the Recovery Console, you have access to only a limited set of commands. (Type HELP to see them.) Chkdsk can be run, but "dir" does not show it in the WINNT folder. Going (cd system32) to the System32 folder, you will find that "dir chk*.*" brings up two files: chkdsk.exe and chkntfs.exe. The former is presumably what runs when you try executing it. Even though "dir" sees chkntfs, the Recovery Console won't let you run it. If you are running from a CD, you may be able to run it (though that may create more problems than it solves, since the system you are running on may be incompatible with the one you are repairing (e.g., different Service Releases.) Anyway, that completes what I have learned (and not learned) about cleaning up read errors in NTFS files. I sincerely hope that (1) you never have to use this information, but if you do, (2) I hope these notes speed the process for you! :)

#22 Guest_FeedBacker_*

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Posted 04 May 2008 - 06:43 PM

Replying to tommydanger
I used unblocker to get at two "corrupted" files that Vista refused to delete. Bob's your uncle. Thanks, Tommy.

#23 Atomic0


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Posted 24 May 2008 - 07:29 AM

There are various file delete programs that are available on the web that can assist you in delete undeletable files. However, there is a tutorial that was compiled by a MS-MVP that may help:
A quick Google search would bring up other tutorials on deleting the files.

If your system files are corrupted, it is best for you to reformat the hard disk and install the operating system again, since corrupted files usually affect the performance of the system.

#24 Guest_FeedBacker_*

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Posted 16 June 2008 - 02:05 PM

Replying to yordan Thanks a lot for me it helped!

-reply by Razer

#25 yordan


    Way Out Of Control - You need a life :)

  • 4,745 posts

Posted 17 June 2008 - 04:56 PM

Thanks a lot for me it helped!
-reply by Razer

You're welcome. Proud to have been helpful.

#26 Guest_iGuest-jeff_*

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Posted 14 August 2008 - 08:25 PM

Replying to tommydangerReplying to tommydanger

Unlocker worked! Thanks, what it didn't say and took a little playing in the web site is that there is a key in the left lower corner and you have to click 'delete' there as well.

Then after reboot.

The corrupted file was running my cpu at 100% and not allowing anything else to be done.
Thanks again

-reply by jeff

#27 Guest_iGuest-Chepecj_*

  • Guests

Posted 10 September 2008 - 04:25 PM

Use ChkDsk
Deleting A Corrupt File

To use chkdsk just type "chkdsk /f" on you command prompt, you'll get a mesage saying that chkdsk cannot lock the current file and that It will run the nest time you reboot your system. So reboot it and that fixes all the corrupted files problems without filling tour PC with crap you are using just once.

-reply by Chepecj

#28 Guest_(G)Victory_*

  • Guests

Posted 11 January 2009 - 12:04 AM

Thanks!Deleting A Corrupt File

THANK God FOR THE THREAD!!Have been wanting to know this forever, I fixed my own problems now too! Thanks for the question, and thank you to all who answered with great information!

#29 Guest_(G)TROUBLED_*

  • Guests

Posted 29 April 2009 - 04:43 AM

Corrupt Files in my C: drive stopping me from my computerDeleting A Corrupt File

I am still having troubles with getting rid of these 3 corrupt files.  Chkdsk didnt work chkdsk /F didnt work. The website didnt work.  I don't know what to do.?. 

-question by TROUBLED


#30 Guest_(G)Mike_*

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Posted 06 June 2009 - 01:27 PM

Dont download from ccollomb.free.frDeleting A Corrupt FileThreats found: 3Here is a complete list:Threat Name: InfostealerFile name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.ExeSignature (MD5): 0be187433f06ce210fb8c76c9be330aeLocation: http://ccollomb.Free...er1.4.ExeThreat Name: Trojan.VundoFile name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.ExeSignature (MD5): 3c6ec0d1da0bb0f3ec811469b0f36166Location: http://ccollomb.Free...er1.0.ExeThreat Name: Trojan HorseFile name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.ExeSignature (MD5): 3cf0ca8d7c3c6cb902ddb2d5faa17681Location: http://ccollomb.Free...1.5.2.Exe-reply by Mike

#31 yordan


    Way Out Of Control - You need a life :)

  • 4,745 posts

Posted 27 June 2009 - 09:51 PM

Dont download from ccollomb.free.fr

Deleting A Corrupt File

Threats found: 3
Here is a complete list:

Threat Name: Infostealer
File name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.Exe
Signature (MD5): 0be187433f06ce210fb8c76c9be330ae
Location: http://ccollomb.Free...unlocker1.4.Exe

Threat Name: Trojan.Vundo
File name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.Exe
Signature (MD5): 3c6ec0d1da0bb0f3ec811469b0f36166
Location: http://ccollomb.Free...unlocker1.0.Exe

Threat Name: Trojan Horse
File name: C:Program FilesUnlockerUnlocker.Exe
Signature (MD5): 3cf0ca8d7c3c6cb902ddb2d5faa17681
Location: http://ccollomb.Free...locker1.5.2.Exe

-reply by Mike

Thanks for the info, Mike. I don't know who is that ccollomb, but putting a trojan-spoiled version of unlocker is rather unfriendly, and dangerous for people like us.

#32 Guest_(G)Makukabaruka_*

  • Guests

Posted 26 August 2009 - 11:35 PM

These people have no ideas!Deleting A Corrupt FileThe reason the file is undelete-able is because the MFT has been corrupted. Don't panic yet. What this means is that it can't reconcile the differences between the long file name and short:"This behavior can occur if the NTFS volumes' Master File Table (MFT) is corrupted. The short and long file name pairs that are stored in the directory index record and the file names that are stored in the associated File Record Segment (FRS) contain case-sensitive characters that do not match.NTFS supports case-sensitive (POSIX) file names, but Chkdsk does not check file names in case-sensitive mode.For example, assume that the directory index record has a BADFILe.TXT entry but the FRS has a BADFILE.TXT entry for the file name. NTFS views this as being invalid or corrupted, but Chkdsk compares only the names and ignores the case. It does not make repairs."~http://support.Microsoft.Com/kb/246026To fix this, it is laborious. Backup the volume MINUS the corrupted file (to an external disk is best). Then format the volume. Restore the volume, et voila! Ne pas de problem maintenant!-reply by Makukabaruka

#33 Guest_(G)Tribe33_*

  • Guests

Posted 28 December 2009 - 05:11 PM

Deleting a corrupt file in windows XP Deleting A Corrupt File

This fricking worked like a CHARM!  ... No viruses either, mine wasnt an AVI file it was a corrupted download file that stopped midway and was locked IN USE by some other file, I had tried removing all services and even paired down in safemode, no effect.

I searched the registry for any form of the file name... Not found.. 

I downloaded the GIPO... Told it to delete the file on the next boot and it was gone!



GiPo@Utilities. http://www.Gibinsoft...utils/index.HtmGiPo@Utilities has a number of small programes within it.These include: * GiPo@MoveOnBoot - copying/moving/renaming/deleting files and folders on the next system boot. * GiPo@DirMonitor - monitoring changes in the file system. * GiPo@Mount - local folders substitution and local/remote drives mounting. * GiPo@Hardlink - UNIX-like (POSIX) hardlinks for NTFS creation. * GiPo@ReadTest - checking files and folders for read errors.

-reply by Tribe33

#34 Guest_(G)brent_*

  • Guests

Posted 10 December 2009 - 08:21 AM

THANK YOU! This was extremely helpful, I did chkdsk already through windows, but for some reason it worked under the command prompt.  I fixed my mp3 player!

-reply by brent

#35 Guest_(G)john collins_*

Guest_(G)john collins_*
  • Guests

Posted 04 January 2010 - 06:09 PM

corrupt channel file.Deleting A Corrupt File

 hi my name is john I am a pensioner I live in australia  can some one please tell me how to get rid of a corrupt channel file  each time I try to use yahoo messenger and click on the email it comes up about the channel file. I am at my age just starting to learn how to use a computer now this it gets a bit down heartening at times as I try to do things in the right manor thanking you.John

-reply by john collins

#36 Guest_(G)_*

  • Guests

Posted 13 January 2010 - 04:50 AM

I don't think that unlocker is a threat.Which antivirus found this?I am also a user of unlocker for 1 year.My antiviruses firstly avira and then avg not found it as a threat.Your antivirus finding it as a thrat ,it may because of it forcing delete & forcing to kill application process to delete file.

#37 Guest_(G)Cee Bee_*

Guest_(G)Cee Bee_*
  • Guests

Posted 04 June 2010 - 11:56 AM

Corrupted file removalDeleting A Corrupt FileI recently had an program data file that was corrupted. No, I am talking about an ordinary data file, not a program's data file. Every time I tried to delete or alter it in the file menue (XP, Vista and Win7) explorer crashed and restarted. In the end I successfully deleted the file by going into SAFE MODE and changing the file name. Even then I couldn't delete it but I was able to once I restarted and rebooted.Just thought this may help for ordinary data files.CeeBee-reply by Cee Bee


#38 Guest_(G)_*

  • Guests

Posted 05 October 2010 - 12:34 AM

Unlocker still works!  Couldn't get three 0 files to delete, grant access, or move.  Attrib in DOS would not work.  I still don't know the exact problem, but I downloaded the unlocker program and the files were sent packing.


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