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Author: WeaponX Total-Replies: 4

Hi, for some reason I can't connect online to my wireless router in a Power User account. I have to fiddle around with it a lot to make it work (disable wireless adapter, uncheck box so windows won't configure wireless...then set them back again and again...). I don't have any problems connecting in my Administrator...

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Author: xboxrulz Total-Replies: 54

I'll just give you an advice that most computer experts will tell you, no matter what the price is... DO NOT EVER EVER IN YOUR LIFETIME GO FOR DELL. It is just that bad. As for processor, I always go for AMD because of the price per performance (and per watt). I recommend any machine with AMD Athlon X2 4200+. Else, go for Core...

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Author: velma Total-Replies: 16

Hi, I was working when I saw the prank on my bosses computer, At first I could not belive it for itis like a dream come true and then I started doubting it and then like a dolt I realised that I was made a fool on April Fool's day but that was a brilliant joke. I mean Hat's off to Google for making life a bit more fun ....

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Author: ArmTheMob Total-Replies: 138

For the first time I think I might give up on consoles. I'm wondering if the new consoles will really be all that great. I'm not buying the hype. Think it will really be all that great? I remember before when consoles used to be state of the art. They always used to seem so amazing and cool. Remember the Super...

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Posted in Computers & Tech / Operating Systems / GNU/Linux
Author: meself88 Total-Replies: 53

Majestic, I agree with you partially. There should certainly be some basic drivers, and there are. There is a standard VGA driver and a VESA driver in linux that will support any card with VESA or VGA capability (or at least most). I don't know too much about wireless network cards, but I know that linux has a lot of drivers...

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Posted in Computers & Tech / Operating Systems / Windows (All Versions)
Author: twitch Total-Replies: 73

You don't need 1GB at all. Look at the specifications given by Microsoft before asking. Personally, I'm not into the whole Vista thing, then again I am not a big fan of Windows. I'm looking forward to being able to buy an Apple Mac. You'll need a good amount of memory, processing power and graphics capabilities...

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Author: rkage Total-Replies: 211

Well I like a laptop because my current bedroom is really really small and using a Desktop PC would take up so much room, whereas with a laptop, I can slide it out of view when not in use. I've also got a wireless network with my family computer so I can sit out in the garden whilst on the internet. In otherwords I've got...

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