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Author: FirefoxRocks Total-Replies: 10

I have a very strange problem with my computer since Tuesday (6 days ago). It has become suddenly slow and unresponsive to the state where it is intolerable. There wasn't any apparent software or hardware changes to cause this, and I have already tried a system restore, to no success. It isn't necessary the startup that is...

Mon Nov 14, 2011    Reply    New Discussion   

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Author: lonebyrd Total-Replies: 71

I was a strictly IE only person before coming to this forum. But after reading some things other members have said about FF, and all the negative things there were to IE, I decided to download FF and give it a test run. At the time, I still had another person still using my computer who would be lost if I got rid of IE so I kept...

Thu May 4, 2006    Reply    New Discussion   

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