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Replying to Download On mIRC

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Posted 30 October 2007 - 02:36 PM

Sorry that the topic name is not correct (mIRC not Mric). I can not edit its name ;)
Many people chat on mIRC and share their files (AstaHost also has mIRC channel). you can download files (movie, video, music, book, etc). I often use it to download manga (Japanese picturebooks). So the instruction and example below is to download manga from some manga channel, but it can be applied for other file types.
First, you have to download mIRC from http://www.mirc.com/, click Download mIRC
After that, you click its icon , a new window appears:
Click Continue

This window displays:

Type your information
Note: Your nickname may be not available, so choose a different nick name
Then, click DCC/Ignore:

Method: Choose Accept Only
FIle Type: type file type you will download, for ex, *.zip, *.rar and click Add. So, these types of file are in your accepted list.
Connect > Option: Click Advance, and tick on some square as below:
http://home2.accvn.n...ulinh/mirc3.JPG ==>

Connect > Server, In mIRC Server, you see some servers like this:

Choose server you like to visit.
For example, I need to download manga from Mangaproject (its mIRC channel is #mangaproject.irc.too.com) I choose IRCtoo: Random server

Then, click Connect to Server. mIRC will connect you to chat room of IRCtoo. It takes a few minutes. A dialogue box show, ask which channel (for ex, #mangaproject, #shoujomagic , etc.) you like to join:

You may add #mangaproject to your favorite list by Click Add and see this:

In Channel section, type #mangaproject and click Add. So, #mangaproject is in your list now, and the next time, you only have to select it from your list instead of typing.

After you choose #mangaproject and click Join, #mangaproject window will appear
If this is the first time you join this channel, please spend a little time to read its rule by typing: “!rule”. If you are familiar, no need to do that. But note not to break the rules or you will be kicked out of the channel, maybe some hour or worse, forever.
Now, you type “list”to see download address, and see a mass of data. It seems confused, but don’t worry, you’l get use to it soon.
Take a look and you will see some lines like this:

- Nick Name of person who offers you file: no need to remember but if they have lots of file and offer high download speed, it’s better to remember their name.
- Trigger: it is important. It’s the download source.
- Sends (sometimes S): maximum number of people who download at the same time. The more the better.
- Queues (sometimes Q): Number of people who are waiting to download their files. If it is lont, “Queues: 7/15” means you have to wait 7 people downloading their files before you start. If it is big, 10 or more queues, you should ignore it.
- Message: what fserve like to say. Sometimes, they says that they use firewall, sometimes it is an offer or advertising.

Now, let’s try with Yuna-chan. Type her name (right after “Trigger”), note that you have to type accurately. Or you may select the whole name (move the pointer from the first letter to the end), hold Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.
Then, Enter, a new window shows up
Type: “dir” to see all folders

Next, type “cd __” (__ is folder name). Here, I(nickname linh)like to see folder ##[COMPLETE]##, so I type: “cd ##[COMPLETE]##”
After you come into ##[COMPLETE]##, you type “dir” to see a list of files
Again, you see it has subfolders, type “cd __” (__ is the name of file you like to see). i.e., type “cd ANATOLIA STORY” to see what inside the file ANATOLIA STORY.
Next, type dir to see its subfolders:
Now, I choose CHINESE, so I type “cd CHINESE (3-30) [C]” and type “dir”
Note: You have to type exactly its name.
Now, a list of files appears, and you can download the wanted file by command “get”
i.e, type “get anatolia25.zip”. Here I download file sora_ha_akai_kawa_no_hotori_14.zip, so I type “sora_ha_akai_kawa_no_hotori_14.zip”
Note: following each file is it size, i.e., 12.3Mb, don’t type this number!
And a new line appears in the dialogue box:
It means that you are the tenth in the queue, and you need to wait for 9 download competed before your download begin

After a few minutes, a red line : “DCC session closed” appear. Don’t worry, your file will be downloaded as normal unless you log out mIRC.
Now, your download ready, a dialogue box appear to ask your confirmation. Click OK. mIRC will send that file to your computer.

Additional information:
1. Only use command “get” for file, not folder. File is the one with its size (…MB, KB)followed.
2. You can join many channel at once by click Tools > Favourite.
3. After you complete command “get” to download, you can type “Sends” to check ones who are downloading and “Queues” to see lists of queues.
4. File downloaded will be saved at C://Program Files/MIRC/download. to change it, go to Options > DCC > Folder, click edit:
http://home2.accvn.n...ulinh/mirc1.JPG --> http://home2.accvn.n...ulinh/mirc2.JPG
Browse the destination you save your files
5. Some channel requires you to register your nick. It is simple like a piece of cake.
In dialogue Status, type “/ns register [password] [your email]
For ex,: /ns register 123456 linh@yahoo.com
And follow their instructions.

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