Do You Prefer Laptop Or Desktop Computers? Which Is Better Overall?

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laptop all the way, now with laptops getting faster and powerful i love it's portability... it would be nice if it was as easily modified like desktops (upgrading parts)

with mobile devices getting more powerful, desktops are getting less and less popular

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I would still miss my huge monitor though. For traveling, of course laptops are great though.
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huge and multi monitors of course is the shizz with desktop... (unless you plug in your laptop to another monitor)

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I will definitely go for a laptop, no matter how expensive it is or how many side effects it can have. The main reason for this is that I am from Pakistan and there is a huge problem of Load Shedding, especially in summer. At most, you can have only 12 hours of electricity. The remaining time is complete darkness and silence. Now...
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now a days Laptop has become a norm to have... desktop computers are still the power house for more powerful and more customizable setups but quickly Laptops are getting closing up the gap between the two, with prices per performance value for much space saving and much more portable Laptop increasing its popularity and preference...

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...When you get a laptop computer, a lot of the components are fixed or soldered onto the mainboard itself or are not user-upgradeable so you would be 'stuck' with whatever you buy with the exception of getting more memory for the computer or upgrading the hard disk drive....
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unless you're up for the...

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I honestly prefer Desktops as:

  1. Laptops aren’t as good for games as a desktop
  2. Desktops are more powerful
  3. Laptops are most likely to get nicked &
  4. They are not movie-friendly (trust me)

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i don't fully agree with your opinions... Laptops now a days...

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As for screen goes. I don't think laptops are movie friendly. Try viewing laptop by sleeping on bed and keep the laptop on table in front of you on some table. Increase the distance and see the quality of picture. This is where tv and desktop displays win over laptop. Ofcourse you can connect it to bigger display using...
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Yordan :) YES! :)

Even if you have a car, it's not as easy to take your desktop to your...
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Yes, it's an alternative to VNC. It's free for personal and friends-helping usage, and you have to pay the licence if it's for professional purposes.
VNC is useful inside a private nerwork, Team Viewer works from your home PC to your friends home PC crossing the internet, without any configuration, the...
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Yes, it is, but usually the concerned TCPIP port 3900 is not reachable from outside, you must configure the home ADSL router in order to allow this port. And, of course, your must know your friend's fixed IP address in order to reach his PC from the outdoor network.
And of course you have to pay for the VNC...
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wow... thats so cool...

a few years back i was helping fix some software issues on a friends' machine, he lives in Australia and i'm in New Zealand... through google talk i gave him step by step instructions on acquiring VNC, setting it up and configuring his modem/router for me to remotely connect to it

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You just put the zipped version of the portable version on a fileserver, ask him to download and unzip and run and tell you what he sees, and that's all.

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that simple... wow... thanks for the share, this is a very useful and easy tool for me

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I have a laptop and a desktop. But I only use the laptop when I have to bring it to school for study purposes and when I go to our province during vacations. I prefer using desktops since I'm mostly at home and it's faster than my laptop. Another thing is that upgrading the hardware components is easier. From my...
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